How to Make a Smokeless Fire

How to Make a Smokeless Fire

Have you ever sat in front of an outdoor fire pit or campfire and felt your eyes burn and water from the smoke? Unfortunately, this sensation can become so uncomfortable that you have to stand up and walk away from the fire or put it out altogether. Not only that, but your clothes are left smelling of pesky smoke and you're left feeling like you need to shower to rid of the heavy smoke odor?

Fortunately, there’s now a simple way to avoid this. Did you know you can create a smokeless fire? Or at least nearly smokeless fire. With the right steps, an Entrada Smokeless Fire Pit can help you create a fire that produces significantly less smoke and burns more efficiently than a conventional wood burning fire pit. Here’s how to build a smokeless fire. 

What You’ll Need:

    1.  Only burn dry well-seasoned hardwoods

When you’re looking for sourcing material for your fire, always look for dry wood! Specifically, dry well-seasoned hardwoods are your best option. This category includes hickory, oak, maple, birch, and cherry. We highly advise to stay far away from soft woods such as pine, as it contains saps, resins and will deposit creosote on the inside of your fire pit! Creosote is that nasty tar-like substance that can be extremely difficult to clean off.

Using dry wood will always produce less smoke and perform better in your fire pit for a longer time. Try to stay away from firewoods that are sold at big box stores or gas stations, it's almost always cheap wet pine! Pine can however be good for kindling to start your fire, but that is about allSo, we promise it is worth seeking out an experienced local firewood distributor near you, if you are going for that premium smokeless experience.

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   2.  Stack the seasoned wood logs in a log cabin style

Stacking your wood in a log cabin style diagonally on the lower burner plate helps to provide sufficient oxygen flow through out the pit and allows you to achieve a hotter🔥fire much faster! We also recommend that you use kindling (easily combustible small sticks or twigs) in the center of your log cabin as well as a fire starter. This will help you get your fire started without any issues. *(see image above for reference).

    3.  Push the developing coals/embers to the outside of the inner barrel 

Don't be discouraged if you have some smoke at first, this is normal. After about 15 to 20 minutes or less, your fire should be hot, and the developing embers must be stoked and pushed to the outside of the inner barrel. This will help to heat the bottom and sides of your fire pit as hot as possible to help achieve secondary combustion (reburn). Continue to feed your fire with split kindling until it’s well-maintained. Reburn is where the magic happens, as the fire is being fed a happy balance of fuel (firewood) and super heated oxygen from the inner holes of your Smokeless Fire Pit. This oxygen will mix with any remaining smoke and burn before it's able to leave the pit!

    4.  Add split hardwood one log at a time 

Add split hardwood one log at a time to help sustain your fire. Take this process slowly as each log will drop the temperature inside of your fire pit once added. You should take caution to always keep your wood below the top of the rim and either stacked log cabin style or lean-to for better airflow. Refrain from adding your wood in carelessly, a little attention will help produce your desired results!

    5.  Keep the fire spread evenly throughout the pit 

As your fire burns, your goal should be spreading it evenly throughout the pit with your fire stoker. If the fire is fed too fast or spreads unevenly, then that can result in smoke.

Other Helpful Tips for How to Build a Smokeless Fire

  •  Gather all your materials before starting your fire, so you won’t have to leave your fire pit once getting started
  • Keep at least 10 feet around the area of your fire clear of flammable materials (especially your gear) 
  • Remember that the presence of any water will cause smoke, so you’ll only want to use water in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, your fuel should be kept as dry as possible. If you’re using your Entrada Fire Pit at home or in your backyard, consider building a rack with a cover for your firewood.  
    • Good tinder and kindling are essential to creating a smokeless fire. Here are some great types to have on hand: 
      • Dryer Lint
      • Old Newspaper
      • Leaves
      • Twigs
      • Cardboard Strips

    Final Thoughts

    There you go! Now you know how to build a smokeless fire. This is a great skill to have as we head into the fall and winter seasons, and you want to maximize the time you spend outdoors even with falling temperatures. You’ll save your eyes, lungs, and the environment every time you want to make some backyard memories and enjoy the outdoors. 

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