How We Are Smokeless

STEP ONE    360 Inferno Airflow™ 

The 360 Inferno Airflow raised air vent design on the bottom of the fire pit enables oxygen to feed the fire even after significant ash build up.

STEP TWO    Double Wall Technology

Air enters a cavity at the bottom into the double wall, while the fire heats the walls. Hot air rises through the gap between the two walls as the fire burns.

STEP THREE    Secondary Combustion

The hot air then exits the double wall through holes around the inside rim. This pressurized heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes secondary combustion or reburn.

How it Works

Fires are made when quality fuel, sufficient heat, and oxygen meet. Smoke is the result of an imbalance in one or more of those elements. Our fire pits are designed to provide plenty of oxygen, allowing for a hotter fire that burns its own smoke before it has the chance to escape the fire pit.

Why Choose Smokeless?

We engineered our smokeless fire pits because you deserve to relax without drawbacks. You shouldn’t have to fight tears as you roast marshmallows. Gone are the days of smoky-smelling clothes. At Entrada, we think it’s time you get to enjoy the warmth and aroma of real, wood-burning fire unhindered by smoke!

Tips For Building the
Ultimate Smokeless Fire

Firewood for a Smokeless Fire

STEP ONE  Source Your Firewood

Choose your fuel. Select a fire starter material, like shredded newspaper or cardboard, a dry, thinly split softwood for kindling, and a dry, split hardwood for your main fuel. Make sure your fuel is less than 5" in diameter. Focus on creating as much airflow as possible throughout your entire fire building process. We recommend a kiln-dried firewood if possible, to shop the best kiln-dried firewoood on the market, check out our partners over at Cutting Edge Firewood! 

Stacking Logs for a Smokeless Fire

STEP TWO  Stack Logs in Pit

Start with 2 full-size pieces of cord wood and lay them caddy-corner on the corners of the bottom burner Airflow system across from each other. Then, lay two pieces of cord wood perpendicular across those. Repeat once more, giving you a total of three layers of wood, stacked in a log-cabin style. Make sure wood stays below the rim of pit.

Adding Kindling for a Smokeless Fire

STEP THREE  Fire Starter & Kindling

Fill the inside square with your fire starter. Continue with the pattern in kindling until it approaches the top of your fire pit, filling the center with firestarter as you go. Taper the "cabin" inward as you get close to the top. Now you are ready to light your fire starter.

Spreading Embers outward for in a  Smokeless Fire Pit

STEP FOUR  Spread Embers Outward

Once your fire burns for 15-20 min, using a shovel or hot tool- spread the hot coals to the outside of your inner barrel. Our goal here is to heat that inner barrel as hot and as fast as we can, as this is what will activate your smokeless feature and get your fire burning at its max efficiency.

Adding wood to Smokeless Fire Pit

STEP FIVE  Feed Your Fire

Keep your fire pit blazing hot by steadily adding only 1 log at a time. Following these steps will help keep smoke at bay. Adding more than 1 log at a time can drop the temperature of the fire too drastically which could result in unwanted smoke, so it's important to steadily feed. (Usually around 1 split log every 10 min give or take).