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Compatible with any of our Smokeless Fire Pits or Any other Fire Pit

🔥 Provides Extra Protection

  • 7 Guage Steel Provides a Strong Heat Barrier Between your Pit & the Ground Surface

☑️ Super Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Made from US-Sourced High Grade Steel to Last a Lifetime

☑️ Hand-Rubbed Finish

Choose to Maintain the Hand-Rubbed Finish, Paint or Let Your Heat Deflector Naturally Patina

☑️ Extreme Heavy-Duty

Weighing in at 40+ lbs & Cut from 3/16" Thick Steel

☑️ More Add-on Accessories Available

Upgrade your Fire Pit Experience- Add a Fire Pit Grill, Lid or Ash Shovel

Made to Order- Ships in 1-2 Weeks


Details-  One of the many issues Smokeless Fire Pit owners run into is the extreme heat these pits can throw off. It is important to know Entrada Fire Pits can get as hot as 650°+ F on the bottom! This can be a cause for concern, as you need to pay attention to where you place your pit to avoid any damage to the surrounding area. Failure to do so can result in damaged decks, concrete, burned grass etc.

This is why we have developed our Modern and minimalistic 30" Fire Pit Heat Shields. Weighing in at 45 lbs and cut from Premium 3/16" Steel, we have made them available in 2 different shapes; Square and Round. Either choice pairs great with our Vista 24 Smokeless Fire Pit or Vista 30 Smokeless Fire Pit and is sure to drastically deflect the amount of heat these pits push out on the bottom. Each fire pit heat deflector is hand-rubbed with our "Good ol' Fashioned Metal Rub" to provide a safe and natural finish. This will help to protect the raw steel from moisture and is designed to delay the natural rusting process. You can learn more about the finish options here.

We recommend this to be installed directly underneath our Smokeless Fire Pits, no drilling or mounting just simply set your pit right on top of the steel heat shield. To get the most benefit, it is best practice to set a couple of landscaping pavers or bricks underneath the heat deflector to provide extra air circulation and cooling.

Available Options- Upgrade your outdoor fire experience even further with the addition of one of our Fire Pit Grills, Fire Pit Lids, or Fire Pit Ash Shovels today. Our Smokeless Fire Pits and accessories are proudly made right here in Western Colorado.

Product Details

Compatible with any of our Smokeless Fire Pits or Any other Fire Pit

Outside Diameter: 30"

Thickness: 3/16"

Total Weight: 40-45 lbs.

Materials: Blackened Steel

Proudly Hand-Crafted in Colorado

Each Fire Pit Accessory is built by skilled artisans right here in Western Colorado. No assembly lines... just passionate people doing what we love the most!

U.S. Sourced Steel

Supporting your Local and National Economy helps American Families and Neighborhoods to Thrive.

Handcrafted by Real Artisans

Attention is in the Detail, this is what you can Expect when Ordering your Fire Pit Heat Barrier. We do not push Quantity like other Shops.

Hand-Rubbed Finish

Each Heat Shield is Prepped and Hand-Rubbed with our "Good ol' Fashioned Metal Rub" to Provide a Safe and Natural Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does it Work?

Each fire pit heat deflector works by providing a thick steel barrier between your fire pit and your ground surface, channeling the heat away. We recommend this to be installed directly underneath our Smokeless Fire Pits, no drilling or mounting just simply set your pit right on top of the steel heat shield. For best results, we encourage our customers to place high quality landscaping pavers or something of comparable material underneath your heat shield! This will help by allowing air to flow under the bottom side of the deflector plate.

How thick is this Heat Shield?

Our Heat Shields are cut from Premium 3/16" Steel. You won't find a smilar product on the market that is even half as thick... we spare no expense on this!

How Much does this Heat Shield Weigh?

Round= 40 lbs

Square= 45 lbs

Why the Hand-Rubbed Finish?

Our goal is to create a simple and safe finish that is free of toxins and can be easily maintained by our customers. Most alternative heat deflectors use variations of paint and powder coating that tend to chip and rust over time and degrade when exposed to high temperatures of fire, UV rays, and outdoor weather. These modern finishes can be difficult and expensive to repair, leading to a poor and sometimes disappointing customer experience. You can learn more about the choice of finishes for your fire pit heat shield.

How Durable is the Finish?

Every fire pit heat shield we build gets hand-rubbed with an FDA Approved polymerized linseed oil to provide a safe and natural finish to protect the raw steel from moisture and is designed to delay the natural rusting process. This initial coating of oil combined with the natural "mill scale" of the steel will offer protection from moisture during the shipping process and initial setup. After the first burn under your fire pit (once cooled down) it will be necessary to apply a light coating of oil to the surfaces to begin the "seasoning" process of the steel. We ship a container of this special blend of oil with each and every order.

Entrada's proprietary finish is very similar to cast iron cookware. The repeated coats of oil and the process of heating the steel will oxidize the oil coating to continue to build layers of protection to form a naturally hydrophobic coating. Simple chemistry shows us that oil and water don't mix and the unique design of our products help it shed water easily and dry quickly.

Are Entrada Fire Pits Truly Smokeless?

While we can't guarantee that our fire pits will never produce any smoke, you can be assured that, with the proper steps, an Entrada fire pit will produce significantly less smoke than a conventional wood fire pit. To achieve a smokeless fire, it is very important to take the proper steps when building the fire. The amount of smoke produced depends greatly on the quality and dryness of firewoods used and how well the fire is built. For tips on how to build a smokeless fire, check out our article How to Build a Smokeless Fire.

How do Entrada Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

Entrada Smokeless Fire Pits work through a double-wall secondary combustion design, with the help of our 360 Inferno Airflow™ technology. Once your fire is burning efficiently and some hot embers are generated, the heavy gauge bottom burner plate and inner fire pit barrel will climb in temperature. This increase in temperature causes the air between the two walls to super heat and rise. This pressurized and heated oxygen is released into the fire pit through the line of holes around the inside rim, mixes with any remaining smoke and creates the secondary combustion called reburn and virtually eliminates the pesky smoke we have all grown to hate.

Can you Give me Some Tips for Building a Smokeless Fire?

The key to achieving maximum smoke reduction is a very hot fire spread evenly throughout the fire pit. Moving hot coals toward the outside wall will be helpful as well. This will provide more heat in the double-walled air chamber, which in turn will provide a more aggressive air current up through the air chamber, forcing that secondary combustion which is essential to making a fire smokeless.
Please note that adding bigger logs to your fire can cause the fire to burn cooler, so start by using smaller pieces then slowly adding bigger logs as the fire builds in heat. As for stacking the wood, our best recommendations are as follows: Start by adding fire starter or dry shreds of paper or cardboard. Then, surround the fire starter with small pieces of kindling or dry twigs. Once the smaller pieces of kindling are burning well, carefully add larger, split logs (3-4" in diameter) one at a time. We recommend stacking the wood perpendicularly in a log cabin style. Also be sure that your wood has been dried sufficiently before attempting to burn.

How far Away From a Structure Should the Fire Pit be?

Entrada does not have a set policy on the distance of placing a fire pit from a structure. However, we recommend that all fire pits should be at least 10-20 feet away from any structure or combustible surface. Always refer and adhere to the local regulations in your area and check the weather forecast before lighting a fire. Entrada's fire pits are no more or no less hazardous than traditional fire pits so all regulations for outdoor fires would apply.

Do Your Products Have a Warranty?

Entrada holds a limited lifetime warranty on all Smokeless Fire Pits and Accessories. This warranty covers any workmanship or material defects. However, this warranty does not cover normal wear or misuse. See details on our warranty page.

Why Choose Entrada?


✅   Made from Thick Gauge Steel- Stands up to Everyday Use

✅   Premium American Steel- Will Never Rust Through or Fail

✅   Burns Less Wood while Radiating More Heat Outwards

✅   Can be Left Outside in the Elements



❌   Uses Thin Materials- Dents Easily, Tends to Always Break

❌ Cheap Chinese Steel- Prone to Impurities & Rusting out

❌   Eats up Your Wood Pile- Most Heat is Generated Straight Up

❌   Needs put up Inside After Every Burn

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We work hard to give our customers the best value on our handmade products. This is why we offer FREE SHIPPING on every order to the lower 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska customers, your shipping charges are calculated during checkout.

Do you offer Local Pick up?

Yes! If you are near Grand Junction or Fruita, CO you are more than welcome to pick up your order at our warehouse.

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No, sorry we only ship inside of the United States at this time.